New PSM!

I'm launching the new Pinkslipmedia today! The old site was built with an ancient version of Wordpress -- and as a passionate Drupal user, it only made sense to switch. In doing so, I've been able to play with a few new toys, and I'll point out a few here.


Even though this has now been out for two months, here are some photos (finally!) of the finished product. It's available at Arise! (and soon some other local spots) for purchase. Only $6! P1210025.JPG

Jay Reatard, so good again


So pleased to be able to make this poster. I'm so psyched for this show, even a month in advance... ** Forgot to note, this show was July 21, the date was corrected before it went to print! ** jayreatard.jpg Please listen to Always Wanting More. You will be.

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