A few photos from Tennessee

A great fireworks shop outside of Nashville:
welcome ya'll Old sign in Knoxville:
old sign Entrance and caves at the Lost Sea by Sweetwater, TN
entrance to the Lost Sea

White elephant

I won the best white elephant gift last week at our holiday party. A giant orange "A". It's perfect!
a Now, why am I no longer able to tag my posts? Arg.


I rekindled my love of Television without Pity's coverage of 7th Heaven episodes this weekend. It's amazing that a television show could be that bad -- and TWOP was there to heckle it every step of the way. Tippy had seven seizures on Saturday night, and then she had one at 4 am on Monday morning, and again at 9 am... we took her in and will be starting her on potassium bromide -- along with the all the other meds. Poor Tip! At least we've gotten her back in the crate training habit. She doesn't even seem to hate it.

A few more photos...

And also, Short Circuits is this coming weekend, on Dec. 1 at Acadia Cafe. Please come and participate or just watch!

Closet of Horrors

haunted house
haunted house lighting
dry ice mouth
doll massacre

house of cats

My evening consists of: brushing up on javascript (yikes -- too little, too late), listening to Meneguar (house of cats -- funny because when I stayed with their roommate once, I got sick with cat allergies), and picking out creepy dolls and stuff for our work haunted house.


This weekend has been crazy -- old friends in town, a bunch of shows, blowing insulation, a four-hour seizure from Tippy at 3:30 this morning...

toy from the yard

The weird portholes you have to drill to fit the insulation blower into the wall.

insulation holes

Jade's show

jade 17183.jpgI forgot to make an announcement here for my friend Jade's show at Art of This gallery. It's pretty great, and it was really nice to see him again! "

Creepy dolls

My shelf of weird dolls and stuff looks kind of neat lit from underneath. scary doll

It's official

I'm ready to listen to fall music, summer music doesn't feel right anymore.

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