Drupal Bookstore

Links for my Minnebar presentation on using Drupal for a point of sale system, gathering cover art using Open Library's API, and fiddling with a cheapie cuecat barcode scanner.

Prezi presentation (embedded in full post)
Bookstore POS Demo
Open Library covers API
Library Thing covers API
Cuecat Barcode scanner

Tricks & Tips for Theming Drupal Forms presentation

I'm giving this presentation today at 3:40 at DrupalCamp WI. Check out the slides!

New PSM!

I'm launching the new Pinkslipmedia today! The old site was built with an ancient version of Wordpress -- and as a passionate Drupal user, it only made sense to switch. In doing so, I've been able to play with a few new toys, and I'll point out a few here.

Winter projects

Basement demolition - digging out to add height... basement demo My attempt to replace my superdrive was thwarted by lack of a screwdriver... but still cool to peek under the hood. replacing superdrive Alan is the RAM fairy... vacuuming out Bryan's computer.

Another house update


P1010007.JPGP1010005.JPG Preparing for a road trip -- Tippy and I rode in the back of the utility van to Wisconsin & back.



Finally finished my mittens with the fancy sterling silver-laced wool. The pattern was great - but quite big for my hands. I took the finger covering down a lot, but it was actually helpful to have more room in there so I could line the mittens with fleece, an absolute necessity for Minnesota. Without the lining, you might as well not be wearing mittens... This is the pattern I used from, and I tore up an old pair of convertible mittens for a liner pattern.

Sharp style & spoonflower patterns


I'm enamored (and slightly frightened) by this vintage sharps style. Reminds me of old friends in Atlanta in the mid-nineties. Check out the girl with the pin curls! Bryan has forbidden me to cut my hair, since he sent it to me with the subject line, "bad skinhead mullets" ... we'll see!

House update


The last weekend before winter comes (we think) and we did as much as we could to finish up. Shaun & Bryan kicked butt on the painting this week.

Too many computers?

Today I became a proud owner of an Asus eee PC. It's tiny and makes me feel like my hands are huge and clumsy. It will be perfect, though, for running around town with -- unlike my Mac, which is very precious and heavy. I do ALL of my work on it and feel weird carting it around. I'm tempted by the options of installing Ubuntu or OSX on it (though -- no sound? That's a dealbreaker...) Maybe Ubuntu, since it feels more Mac-like than this Xandros install.

A List Apart survey


Just took the A List Apart web worker survey. The results are always interesting! I'd love to peek at what I wrote last year...

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